Made in Wales

Made in Wales

As a National company, we branch out across the UK with designers, team member and fitters dotted up and down the country, but what you might not know is that our headquarters are rooted in Cardiff, in the heart of South Wales.

The Jarrods Story

The companies namesake Jarrod Matthews, is one of the few to become a fellow of the Institute of Carpenters. As a result of his workmanship, Jarrods have become corporate members of this highly regarded organisation. After site managing national hotel projects, as well as undertaking numerous self-build projects, Jarrod and his wife Sherelle moved into the luxury, bespoke staircase business, working with leading manufacturers and training their joinery and installation teams. And as the Matthews family tree grew, so did the Jarrods one.

‘We founded Jarrods because we had become frustrated with the increasingly modular approach to staircase design’ says Jarrod. We wanted to create a business that reflected our shared passion for traditional craftsmanship, with the innovation, technology and creative flare to push boundaries of design to the limit. From the grain of the wood to the curve of each spindle, it’s the attention to detail that makes us the best at what we do. Using locally sourced materials and crafts, we’re able to produce some of the countries best staircases all whilst growing the Welsh economy. Something we’re deeply passionate about.

Proverbs to live by

We have a saying in Wales, ‘Mewn pob daioni y mae gwobr’, which translates to ‘There’s reward in every goodness’. Here at Jarrods we’ve always lived by the motto that doing good, leads to good. From ensuring each bespoke staircase we produce is perfect for our customers, guaranteeing sustainability across our business by using the best hardwoods and caring for the environment with our green electric cars, to looking after our employees. There really is reward in every goodness.

We’re finding ourselves expanding to every corner of England as Jarrods grows but no matter how far we travel, there will always be a grain of our rooted heritage carved into every project we do.

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