A brand new customer story

A brand new customer story

In our latest customer story, we take a look at the staircase refurbishment that we worked on for a couple and their two children in the Shrewsbury area.

They had a great experience with us at Jarrods but decided that they’d prefer to remain anonymous, which is fine with us. We’re just happy to share their story.

We’re going to refer to them as the Blue family because we love their blue and gold statement wallpaper.

Light and airy

Mr & Mrs Blue had some issues with their old staircase. “The overall look needed updating and the original handrail was too tight to get your hand down.”

The new staircase combines an oak framed staircase with the addition of glass panels. A run of handleless cupboards under-the-stairs gives the family plenty of extra under stair storage space whilst also maintaining a streamlined, uncluttered entrance hall.

With such a large, light-filled hallway, the Blue family wanted to create a sleek, modern look with a contemporary and minimalistic staircase. “We like the open and light feel that glass provides,” they explain. “The mixture of oak and glass gave us the perfect design combination which was in keeping with the rest of the house.”

Thinking back to the start of the process, they remember how, “The old staircase was made from solid oak with old fashioned spindles and a handrail that just wasn’t in keeping with the overall look of our house. We wanted an airy, open-plan hallway with a contemporary look that created a natural flow from the kitchen, dining and living areas adjacent to the space.”

Perfecting the process

We asked Mr & Mrs Blue how they felt about the process, and we were more than flattered with their glowing review: “The Joiner from Jarrods was very professional and did an excellent job! Jarrods kept us well informed of progress during all aspects of the order and installation process.”

We couldn’t really ask for any more than that, but the Blue family had more to say, “Not only was Jarrods’customer service excellent but their option for a bespoke design meant we could personalise the staircase. We opted to have a slightly curved balustrade on the landing to help with the layout, and this shows the level of detail that Jarrods are prepared to go in order to ensure that you receive the best design solution for your space.”

If you want to find out more about how you could achieve a similar result in your hallway, get in touch today.

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