Steel the Show

light grey modern stairs

Steel the Show

It’s not just about practicality. We believe you should also derive pleasure from your new staircase, too. Here at Jarrods, we love nothing better than utilising our design flare by experimenting with form, function and materials, from wood, coloured resin and glass to beautifully worked, tactile hand-finished metal.

This month we’ll be focusing on metal across our bogs and social media, sharing our favourite customer stories and transformations which show off our toughest of materials.

Sleek Accents

From gleaming steel to pewter wrought iron, metal features on a bespoke staircase can be the perfect finishing touch. Contrasted with warm-coloured timber and pristine straight-edge glass, elegantly fashioned metal elements can elevate your staircase to a work of art.

Custom brushed steel handrails


Steel is three times the strength of aluminum which means we can create strong, stylish frames and slim profiles. This in turn allows us to use large expanses of glass to open up your room, bringing in lots of beautiful natural daylight.

The Hand family's beautiful staircase

Every project we undertake we approach with confidence and creativity. Our team of specialists can create bespoke metalwork, whether you desire something minimalist and modern or baroque in its ornateness. Our customary attention to detail and craftsmanship will guarantee your projects specifications are not just met, but surpassed. 

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Top of the Glass

before and after

Top of the Glass

There’s nothing we love more than a good transformation, and our latest renovation project is one of our favourites to date. This extraordinary made-to-measure project was a labour of love on everyone’s part, and incredibly, took only 48 hours to put together.

The Renovation

The old ranch style staircase (named for it’s similarities to a ranch gate) was dated and dangerous, as children can climb up the posts and have even been known to get their heads stuck between posts. Replacing ranch panels with custom-fit glass reflects the feeling of safety and spaciousness in this hallway, whilst letting in more light. The glass enhances the beauty of the oak posts, making this renovation the perfect blend of modern and traditional.


We spoke to the homeowner and asked him what he thought of the transformation.


What did you think of your old staircase?
The old staircase was built in the 60s, so a bit dated. I thought it was unsafe too because of the gaps between the panels, and it just made the hallway look dull especially as there is a lot of light coming into the house.
What made you want to renovate your staircase?
For the exact reasons above, and I thought it would be the final piece of the puzzle helping to bring the house up to date.
What made you choose Jarrods?
I thought Jarrods was very professional in all aspects of this transaction. The designer who came to our home was incredibly knowledgable and reassuring. He didn’t ‘blind us with science’, was very down to earth and understanding of our needs. Plus, the price quoted was much better than the competitor’s. The Architect was very good, knowledgeable and patient, too. Then comes the fitter Craig – I thought he did an awesome job. Very courteous, paid attention to detail, was very prompt to start and finished late – very professional. Overall, I had a brilliant experience with everyone representing the company.
What do you think of your new staircase? 
Awesome. Class. Elegant. I’ve literally spent the last 48 hours admiring my new staircase. I feel very proud. It’s very impressive and our hallway looks fabulous. An incredible transformation.
Would you recommend Jarrods?
Absolutely – 100 per cent.



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The wonder of wood

Wooden Staircase

The wonder of wood

Our made-to-measure wood staircases are crafted using solid, premium grade hardwood, each piece hand selected by our carpenters for its stability and innate beauty.

Jarrod Matthews, for whom the company is named, is a fellow of the Institute of Carpenters – an honour bestowed on very few. So when you commission a staircase designed and created by Jarrods, you couldn’t be in better hands.

‘Working with wood is a privilege,’ says Jarrod. ‘Each piece is unique, and demands something different from me as a carpenter. No two trees are the same, even if they grew from the same forrest. So in some ways, you never know what you’re going to get… But for me, this is what makes wood such a pleasure to work with. And for the customer, it means they get something totally unique,’ he says.

Jarrods have forgotten more about wood than most will ever know, only using the finest, most ethically sourced timber. European wood is softer than American wood, and therefore ideal for fine work, such as crafting spindles and delicate patterns. American oak – which we let grow until it’s at least a hundred years old – is harder and tougher, and is more suitable for larger pieces of work, such as handrails and treads.

‘Once we’ve found the perfect wood for your project, we can begin transforming it into the a staircase, one tailor-made for your home,’ says Jarrod. ‘We treat wood the with the reverence it deserves. By doing so, we can create beautiful, unique staircases that perfectly reflect the home that they’re in,’ he says.

We celebrate wood here at Jarrods, which means we don’t consider the knots and patterns found within it as imperfections or defects. ‘Most of our clients love the natural, organic properties of wood,’ says Jarrod. ‘Like the whorls on the tips of your finger, each piece of wood is unique and has its own story to tell,’ he says.

Did you know…

The silvery swirls seen often seen in premium oak are called medullary rays. Far from being a sign of damage or flaws, medullary rays are in fact an indication that the wood been crafted from the finest and most expensive quarter sawn oak.

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