Jarrods & the Southside Warriors

Jarrods & the Southside Warriors

This may sound like a 1980’s science fiction movie, but it’s actually about a fantastic team of basketball players.

The Southside Warriors is an under 10’s basketball team based in Manchester. They have their own Facebook group and an army of loyal followers and fans.

Their connection to Jarrods comes from the fact that both the Mum and Dad of one of their players, Josh Hanson, work for us at Jarrods.

Because of this, we decided to sponsor the team. If you look closely at the attached images you can see the Jarrods logo proudly emblazoned on their brand new kit!

Southside Warriors 5The Jarrods family

Family is a really important part of working for Jarrods, we like to think of all of our staff as being part of the extended Jarrods family. To recognise this, and promote a bit of community spirit up in Manchester, we decided to help the Southside Warriors out with some sponsorship.

Since our work of designing bespoke staircases and fitted furniture takes us right across the UK, our staff come from a wide range of areas, including Manchester. Paul, Josh’s Dad, drives our liveried mini clubman van around the region, so we wanted Jarrods to be a recognisable part of their world as well as ours here in Cardiff.

A winning team!

We’d like to think that the new kit our sponsorship helped to buy for the team went some way towards their first win while wearing it! They managed to secure a rather impressive 17-11 win and you can see in the photos below that they were rather pleased with the result!


Southside Warriors 4 Southside Warriors 2

southside Southside Warriors 1

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