The Jarrods Approach Part 2 – The Design Stage

The Jarrods Approach Part 2 – The Design Stage

At Jarrods, we want our clients to tell us all about their dream bespoke staircase or that perfect piece of unique fitted furniture. That way, we can do our best to make it a reality. In order to do this, we take the Jarrods approach; our tried and tested method for creating custom-made carpentry for all of our customers.

In Part 1 – The First Meeting, we looked at the first contact we make with our clients. This is our opportunity to discuss materials and finishes, and take a detailed brief that we pass on to our designers. This brings us to the second stage of the Jarrods approach…

designStage 2 –Design

As a Jarrods’ client, within 24 hours of having our first meeting, we’ll assign one of our designers (whoever is geographically closest) to get in touch with you. You’ll receive a call to organize an informal meeting at a date and time that suits you best.

We are particularly proud of our informal, friendly approach at Jarrods. That’s why, in every meeting our designers will give you some space to look through samples of our products and some examples of our recent projects, while they measure your staircase or the dimensions of the fitted furniture you’ve asked us to create.

No Hard Sell

We don’t like to put our clients under any pressure. The last thing we want to do is outstay our welcome. While some companies may want to cut straight to the money, we’ll go away and give you some time to think about the samples and examples of our work that you’ve seen.

Once our design team has an idea of what you require, whether it’s a traditional wooden staircase or a home study, fitted furniture for your bedroom or a contemporary glass staircase, we will always offer a quote via email. This eliminates those awkward moments when a client can feel like they’re being subjected to hard-sell tactics.

Having said that, some people like to receive a quote in person. If that’s the case, all you have to do is request it and we can pop back round to chat through it with you!


The Best Price

The most important aspect of the Jarrods approach is ensuring that we discover precisely what it is that you’ve always wanted, and turn your dream into a reality. It’s why we say that the only limit is your imagination.

Because of this, our quote will always be based on the best and most cost-effective way of creating the perfect solution. As a result, there’s no movement on a Jarrods quote, and it’s always valid for 30 days. We pride ourselves on offering our clients the best price from the very beginning. And by definition alone, if something is at the best price it could be then it shouldn’t be able to change. At least that’s what we think.

Once you’re happy with the price and the deposit is paid, the work can begin. Which takes us to the next part of the Jarrods approach; Stage 3 – Surveys and Checklists.

Whether you have a clear idea of the design that you want, or you’re looking for some inspiration, when it comes to bespoke staircases and unique fitted furniture, the experienced design team at Jarrods are here to help.

Like we said, the only limit is your imagination, so get in touch today.

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