What Is A Floating Staircase?

What Is A Floating Staircase?

Floating Staircases

A floating staircase or cantilever staircase is an architectural feature that creates the impression that its steps are suspended in mid-air without visible support below, creating an airiness and openness in any given space. It makes an eye-catching design statement while simultaneously adding visual interest.

A distinguishing feature of a floating staircase is its absence of conventional risers and stringers found on conventional staircases, instead being supported by hidden steel or concrete beams attached to either walls or central support structures, giving each step the appearance that it is suspended mid-air.

Floating staircases typically feature an open design, allowing light to pass through and creating an illusion of continuity between different levels of a building. They may be made out of materials like wood, glass or metal depending on aesthetic and structural considerations.

Though floating staircases are visually appealing and add modernity to a room, their construction requires careful engineering and construction for stability and safety.

Professional assistance should always be sought when designing and installing a floating staircase correctly, such as architects or structural engineers.

Why choose a floating staircase?

Reasons why someone might consider installing a floating staircase include:

1. Aesthetic Appeal: Floating staircases can add visual interest and elegance to any space, creating an eye-catching focal point and often becoming the topic of conversations due to their unconventional designs.

2. Openness and Light: Floating staircases have open designs, which allow light to pass through their steps and create the impression of spaciousness and airiness in rooms where natural lighting may not be abundant. This can make the room seem larger and brighter, especially in dark or limited-light settings.

3. Design Versatility: Floating staircases offer design versatility and can be tailored to suit various architectural styles and interior designs. Made from wood, glass or metal materials they can also be tailored specifically to individual aesthetic preferences.

4. Space Saving: The floating design of these staircases can be particularly helpful in smaller rooms where traditional stairs might take up too much room. They can be tailored with smaller foot prints that allow efficient use of space and potentially open up additional floor area.

5. Modern and Contemporary Aesthetic: Floating staircases have long been associated with an up-to-the-moment, modern aesthetic. Opting for one can add an updated and modern vibe to a space, particularly if the rest of its interior design follows similar themes.

6. Architectural Statement: Floating staircases make a strong architectural statement, adding character and uniqueness to a building. Seen as works of art, floating staircases can showcase creative design work done by its creators and demonstrate craftsmanship and originality.

Although floating staircases provide numerous advantages, they also require careful planning, engineering and professional installation to ensure safety and structural integrity. Consulting with Jarrods Staircases before deciding to incorporate one into your space is recommended when considering installing one of these floating stairways.

Floating Staircase Specialists

Jarrods Staircases of London and Cardiff specialises in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke staircases renowned for their high-quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.

Jarrods Staircases provides an extensive range of staircase styles, such as traditional, contemporary and floating designs. Their team works closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and craft unique staircases that complement the overall aesthetics of their space.

Jarrods Staircases specializes in designing and fabricating floating staircases that create visually captivating focal points in homes or commercial buildings. Employing skilled artisans using modern engineering techniques, Jarrods Staircases engineers and constructs floating staircases that meet both aesthetic and structural standards.

Jarrods Staircases provides more than just staircase design services; their experience extends into balustrade installation, handrail design and staircase renovation as well. Working with various materials like wood, glass and metal allows them to develop tailor-made solutions tailored to each client.

Overall, Jarrods Staircases has become known for its craftsmanship, attention to detail and ability to craft stunning staircases that add architectural character and depth to a space.

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