The Jarrods Approach Part 4 – Finely-polished quality control

The Jarrods Approach Part 4 – Finely-polished quality control

We continue to look at the unique approach we take at Jarrods when it comes to creating bespoke staircases for our customers.

It’s become something of a finely-polished process, which is ironic given the next stage that we’ve reached. The last stage of the process was Part 3 – Surveys & Checklists, where we concentrated on the attention to detail that goes into surveying everything from materials and measurements to drawing up plans and ensuring that every aspect of a project is ticked off to the customer’s satisfaction. Once the surveys and checklists are completed we reach the fourth stage, when the bespoke staircase starts to take shape in our workshop. In order for that to happen, it needs to go through some rigorous quality checks…

Stage 4 – Finely-polished quality control

Having already confirmed every aspect of the materials and finishes involved in the creation of a new or renovated staircase, we’ll start to order everything that’s necessary to put it together.

The entire anatomy of a staircase, from the treads and risers to the newels, spandrels and handrail, will be delivered to our workshop and prepared for the installation date.


Wax on, wax off

While our team of experienced joiners busily prepare the woodwork ready for installation, our skilled in-house French polishers are ready and waiting.

Just like that famous scene in the Karate Kid, they hand finish every bespoke staircase or furniture project with 4 coats of lacquer. From a highly-polished glass-like finish to a muted, matt texture, they can give our customers exactly what they want. And best of all, the only maintenance that’s required is a quick wipe with a damp cloth.

One last check

Before it leaves the workshop, all projects will go through one final quality check. We’ll ensure that every last part of the staircase is accounted for and has been completed to a satisfactory standard.

One week before installation, all of our customers receive a telephone call from our workshop manager to confirm times and other formalities, like where we can park. Shortly before, or on the big installation day, they will also receive a call from our joiners to organise arrival times.

Now we’re ready for the final stage in the Jarrods Approach; Part 5 – Installation & Final Sign Off!

We pride ourselves at Jarrods for the craftsmanship that we bring to every project we work on. If you’d like to see for yourself just how finely-polished our work is, get in touch today.

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